Resources to read the Bible with friends 

Have you thought about inviting your friends to read the Bible with you?  

It is not hard to do, a great way to introduce friends to the Lord Jesus and a lot of fun!  Here are some ideas on how to get started…

Pray & Team Up

You can do it by yourself, or ask some friends to join you (form a “triad”). Begin to pray together.

Click here for help forming a “triad”.

Relational Mapping

Click here for a Relational Mapping

exercise that will help you see who God

has placed in your natural relational networks.

Build relationships, Ask questions

Begin deepening your relationships with others by learning and living out theArts of Spiritual Conversations.  

Click here for a summary of the Arts.

Click here to go to the Arts website.of Spiritual Conversations.  

Here is another resource … The Q-Place (Questioning place) open discussion group concepts has been developed by Q Place ministries (click here for their website).  Feel free to adapt them to your personality, relationships, and situations.  Step out in faith and have fun…God can work in many ways.  For more help, call one of the Detroit Navigators staff listed below…we’d love to assist you!

Need a person to study the Bible with?