To Know Christ

And Make Him Known


The Navigators in Detroit seek to help people to know & follow Jesus passionately, & then equip them to impact the people in their natural circles of influence with their contagious faith.


The I-58

The I-58 Navs in Detroit engage our neighborhoods on a grassroots level. We believe that the deep-rooted challenges our communities face require us to respond with a whole-life gospel. Our local staff and stakeholders seek to Love God & Love Our Neighbors in ways ranging from racial reconciliation to housing rehab projects, from long-term mentoring relationships to youth outreach programs. Learn more...


Navigators college ministries offer encouragement, support, and discipleship and share Jesus with students. We consider it our deepest honor and highest calling to develop our students into lifelong laborers who will continue to walk with Jesus long after graduation.

Nation Within

Nations Within staff members focus on people within the United States who have a primary cultural and national identity distinct from the majority culture. These distinctions can be in ethnicity, religion, season of life, or by choice. Our country’s intercultural composition is increasing in diversity and God calls all of us to reach all people.


Nav20s aims to keep you engaged in the Great Commission with the peers God has given you – where you live, work, and play. Follow Christ and walk with Him with all our hearts. Honor Christ in our workplaces, jobs, and professions. Live the mission – discipling among those without Christ, especially our peers. Team with each other as Christ- followers of like heart and purpose.



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