Nations Within staff members and volunteers focus on people within the United States who have a primary cultural and national identity distinct from the majority culture and religion.  The people they minister to come from different ethnic, national, and religious backgrounds.  They focus primarily on immigrant populations, with a special concern for the neediest populations such as asylum seekers, refugees and others in special need.  Our city has a rich history of immigration, and offers a unique opportunity to reach many of the nations of the world at our doorstep.

The Nations within teams have started businesses that serve and help the communities they’re reaching.These provide jobs, and a place to exercise or learn language for some of the most vulnerable people.  Staff have helped provide housing to those who are most in need, and hope to begin other initiatives in the name of Christ to empower the people among whom they serve.  Please consider giving so that they can continue to reach more people from the nations in the name of Jesus.